fotoThe Law firm of JUDr. Renáta Dolanská is focused on legal services for domestic and international clients, including individuals as well as legal persons, in key areas of the Slovak legal system.

From the beginning, the philosophy of our Law firm has been to provide competent and thorough legal services with an emphasis on the individual approach to the client’s needs and requirements.

Our Law firm is strictly managed by the basic principles of the legal profession, which are consistently maintaining strict secrecy, individual approach to the client and the absolute priority of client’s interests.

We are specialized mainly in commercial law, civil law and legal relations to real estate. Services are provided in English and Slovak language.

We work closely with other lawyers, mediators, notaries, bailiffs, interpreters, tax and economic advisors and other professionals from various fields.

We favour the idea of the legal cooperation („Collaborative Law“) and before trial we prefer extrajudicial forms of resolving disputes such as negotiation or mediation. All members of our Law firm are trained in solving disputes out of court, also on the basis of the legal cooperation.

Beside the Law firm, the Mediation Center of alternative dispute resolution was established, its founder and director is JUDr. Renata Dolanska. With help of Mediation Center of alternative dispute resolution we provide the amicable settlement of disputes through mediation.