Mediation is informal, voluntary, structured and confidential conflict resolution process, in which a neutral person – a mediator assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. It is intervention into conflict by third person, neutral party, who helps the parties in conflict to guide and solve their problem. The mediator represents the third, neutral party. Mediation is the most common form of the amicable disputes solving, that is practiced and functioning in Great Britain, USA and Australia, and also in many other countries in Europe. The output of the mediation is Agreement on the manner of resolving the dispute. In order to ensure its enforcement, we can provide the notarial form, judicial or arbitral settlement.
        • Introduction
        • Space for the initiator
        • Space for the respondent
        • Defining the interests of both parties
        • Separate meetings
        • Introducing of the possibilities – termination of the relationship,
        • interconnection of the interests.
        • Agreement

Marital disputes, partnership disputes, family disputes: Regulating the parental responsibility for a minor child for the time after divorce ( personal care, representation of the minor child and management of the property, alimony), parental rights and responsibility, maintenance obligation of parents in favor of children, maintenance obligation of children in favor of parents, maintenance obligation between other relatives, contribution to the maintenance of the divorced spouse, contribution to maintenance and to cover some costs for unmarried mother, conflicts in paternity determination. Business and commercial disputes: payment of claims, tampering with the company name and reputation of the entrepreneur, violations of trade secrets, disputes between founders and shareholders / members of the company/ cooperative (co-op), damages, disputes arising out of concluded contracts, ( contract for work, contract for the purchase of leased assets, leasing, agreement on mediation, silent partnership agreement, agency contract, contract of carriage, transfer agreement, agency agreement), copyright. Labor and employment disputes: Invalidity of termination of employment, wage compensation, damages in employment relationship, other claims arising from employment relationship, occupational accidents, conflicts between employee Disputes in area of civil law: Settlement of marital property, cancellation and settlement of joint ownership, settle the succession, easements, encumbrances, returning donation, rent relations, rights and obligations of owners of apartments and non-residential premises, disputes arising from concluded contracts, payment of claims, disputes arising from loan agreement, disputes for damages, tampering with the right to privacy, consumer disputes, neighbourly disputes